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As you may remember, after I broke up with sarah I was feeling like I’d lost too much magic in my life and had burned away anything that wasn’t cold steel rationalism. And that was a big part of why i got involved with the crystal healer. to bring some sprituality and romance and magic back to my worldview and experience of life

Over the last few months though I’ve been super head down writing code and burning fear and rage as fuel to get me through it

Then a couple weeks ago my grandfather died. And like before he did my parents told me to call him so I could say goodbye. So I called his wife and she held the phone up to his ear while I said some nice bs about how much I loved him and appreciated him and stuff, and then I talked to her a little bit

She’s an absolute sweetheart. tbh I kinda love her more than him, he was much more of a gruff asshole. Although I learned at his funeral that he apparently had like a huge philanthropic side that I knew nothing about. But anyway

The point is, in opening myself up like that, going from a really fear/rage driven focus on code writing to a very emotional moment of love and connection, I was able to very tangibly feel this part of my psyche that I’ve been eating around the edges of in meditation recently

You could desribe it as like, “love” or “connection to other people”, but I feel like that’s the blind man who thinks the elephant’s trunk means an elephant is a big snake

There’s some place inside me (and I’m pretty sure everyone else too but obviously idk), that is able to tap in to some thing that feels much bigger and deeper and more powerful than just like interpersonal love

It’s the feeling of thinking back on all the evolution that led to you, all the different ancestors who had to fight to get you here. The great unbroken chain of life that stretches back to the first single celled organisms. Or even of all the energy and matter in the universe going back to the big bang

it is something that cannot really be grasped rationally or expressed in words except as a shadow, because it is something that exists outside the cerebral cortex and the language processing parts of your brains. It’s something you kinda have to just feel

So when you say you want to “take back” the meaning of the word sacred, to be about a rational, secular humanist idea of like, politeness and respect and humility and graciousness… I’m on the opposite side of that

I’m trying to find a deeper spirtualism that is NOT rational, is NOT personal. A sacredness that is bigger than me and isn’t about like, what’s best for me

That’s why I asked about dualism. Because I think it’s really what’s at play here. You’re thinking of sacredness from the perspective of the mind, playing by the mind’s rules within the mind’s framework. But I think to talk about it properly you have to see it from the spirit’s perspective, within that framework

So when you say things like [“that’s why i said the ’emotional timbre’. I think there is something very satisfying (maybe necessary) to the human condition and i want to hijack it without producing the problems that irrationality/metaphysics creates”], it feels like you’re talking about how Yellowstone actually makes the workers who visit it 12% more productive. You want to hijack it without producing the irrational/metaphysical response? But the irrational/metaphysical response is the whole point. To just feel that connection to the greater universe beyond ourselves. That is a good in itself. An absolutely essential good that you can’t feel complete without

I’ve actually really been digging Russell Brand’s instagram recently. He’s promoting a book he wrote about recovering from addiction, and he’s been making basically the Rat Park point (that the opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, it’s connectedness), but framing it in this way that’s much more about the hole in your spirit that you try to fill with whatever substance

Modern life refuses to acknowledge the existence of the spirit and the need to connect with the universe, and instead subverts that drive and hijacks it on behalf of Sinek-ian Whys controlled by companies and charlatans, and so we all feel empty and alone and purposeless, and we chase a million different substances and escapes to try to fill the void

But they won’t. Because the thing that is missing is spiritual, not material, and we in the Secular Modern community have no ability to understand things on that level

Democratic Messaging

The entire point of Democratic party messaging is to let college graduates feel morally superior when their team loses.

If you want to protect trans people’s rights, you don’t campaign on transgender issues. You campaign on issues that actually affect enough people to build a majority coalition (like, say, the fact that most tax money goes to old people and military contractors, or that you only get healthcare in America if your grandfather invented something rich people can use), and then once that coalition votes you into power, you use your power to protect trans people.

All this discussion of trans rights (and the constant drumbeat of “Go VOTE!”) feels frighteningly similar to the virtue signalling that went on in the Hillary campaign. A lot of people just out there trying to show that they’re Good, Caring People instead of offering any kind of substantive, structural critique of the broken system that grinds down the vast majority of people who can’t be assed to vote for identity politics issues that won’t actually help make their own lives any easier.

My current prediction is that Dems fail to take the senate, and get like, a 1 or two vote majority in the house. Unfortunately, those one or two votes will be from center-right dems who don’t actually help out on most key issues, and nothing is really gained.

Voting in the 2018 Midterms

Voting in the midterms this year is like blowing your nose when you have a cold. It’s not gonna fix any problems, but it’ll make things a little less disgusting and it’s pretty easy so you might as well do it.

Peaks of power

The Holy Land
The Bosphorus
The Persian Gulf


Protestant Reformation in the 1500s
English Civil War in the 1640s
American Revolution in the 1780s
French Revolution in 1790s
Napoleon through the 18teens

Marx is writing in the 1840s

Cryptocurrency and Credit Theory

The system of IOUs Graeber described when explaining Credit Theory, with Henry’s IOUs circulating all over the place, got me thinking.

He says something to the effect of “Of course Henry would have to be fabulously rich to have all transactions be carried out using tokens of his promise to pay a debt, which is why it’s usually the king who backs all that shit.”

Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies claim to be decentralized and thus revolutionary, but one of my big problems with them has always been that there’s no power backing them. It’s like they took the fiat idea of “all that matters is people’s faith in the currency’s value” to the extreme, totally ignoring the fact that people have faith in fiat currencies because they have faith in the entity that backs them’s power. Like, the dollar doesn’t just have value because people believe it does, the dollar has value cause the US will probably kill you if you say it doesn’t. At the very least it will be more inclined to let you live if you say it does.

What if, instead of mining and doing ledger work and all that, you earned bitcoin by putting up some property or service, some thing of value as backing for that coin? Loooots of regulating and enforcing has to go into this now, but of course the other huge problem with cryptocurrencies is their ridiculous game of make-believe about how they can run a power structure with no regulation or enforcement.

I don’t really know how this would work in practice, but the idea of a decentralized currency backed by the wealth and power of a great range of people instead of the wealth and power of a single entity is very appealing. Will have to flesh out further.

OK, so after reading the next paragraph of Debt I want to flesh this out a little further. Modern currency is backed by debt of the state, right? State sells bonds to banks which creates the debt that the banks then circulate. So what we’re talking about is the same thing, except letting people play the role that banks currently play. The Central Bank of our new system will take loans from people and give them currency in return.

Free Speech

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