Democratic Messaging

The entire point of Democratic party messaging is to let college graduates feel morally superior when their team loses.

If you want to protect trans people’s rights, you don’t campaign on transgender issues. You campaign on issues that actually affect enough people to build a majority coalition (like, say, the fact that most tax money goes to old people and military contractors, or that you only get healthcare in America if your grandfather invented something rich people can use), and then once that coalition votes you into power, you use your power to protect trans people.

All this discussion of trans rights (and the constant drumbeat of “Go VOTE!”) feels frighteningly similar to the virtue signalling that went on in the Hillary campaign. A lot of people just out there trying to show that they’re Good, Caring People instead of offering any kind of substantive, structural critique of the broken system that grinds down the vast majority of people who can’t be assed to vote for identity politics issues that won’t actually help make their own lives any easier.

My current prediction is that Dems fail to take the senate, and get like, a 1 or two vote majority in the house. Unfortunately, those one or two votes will be from center-right dems who don’t actually help out on most key issues, and nothing is really gained.

Voting in the 2018 Midterms

Voting in the midterms this year is like blowing your nose when you have a cold. It’s not gonna fix any problems, but it’ll make things a little less disgusting and it’s pretty easy so you might as well do it.